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Cayenne/Macan Run to Donna Buang and the Innocent Bystander

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Sunday 20th March 2016

Story by Cony Nicolau  Photos by Kelly Parsons

Sunday March 20th not only hosted the opening round of the Formula One season at Albert Park but more importantly the first Cayenne Macan Register run for 2016 after a brief hiatus in which time Cayenne and Macan models have continued breaking sales records for Porsche around the world.

A 9:00am meet up at the customary Mulgrave McDonalds consisted of 7 Cayennes spanning each generation, a new Macan, a beautiful 911 SC plus an Italian V12 (that also uses a horse). Coffees and breakfast were enjoyed as the day’s itinerary was discussed under clearing morning skies following the storms of the previous 3 days which could make our intended roads potentially tricky but also managed to keep the Sunday traffic to an absolute minimum.

Our roads included driving on some of the Yarra Range’s most scenic and enjoyable roads leading to Warburton for our first break. These were then quickly surpassed by some of the best back to back switchbacks all the way up to our Porsche photo op at the Summit of Mt Donna Buang. Following our photo break at the summit, complete with Porsche branded water bottles for all (thanks Jake), a new feature was added to the run consisting of a 10km well-maintained but tight gravel road over the top of the mountain. Due to the recent storms there were some small branches and light debris to be negotiated here and there but the experience was well worth it given the views we were fortunate enough to see plus driving at 5-10kms an hour allowed everyone to absorb and take in the sights, sounds and smells of the incredible subtropical rainforest we were travelling through.

When the gravel ended the tarmac started and we were once again presented with some of the nicest sweeping roads on the backside of the mountain. Suspensions were lowered, dampers put into sport and a last blast was enjoyed by all taking advantage of absolutely zero traffic until we turned towards Healesville for lunch at the award winning Innocent Bystander.

Upon our arrival and being escorted to our private table we were firstly treated to an incredible assortment of fresh tapas, followed by gourmet wood fired pizzas culminating with some seriously decadent deserts, not to mention the wines from the owner’s personal WA vineyard. The exceptionally high quality and super friendly staff ensured that all members left with not only full bellies but massive smiles on their faces.

That probably also had something to do with the fact that we had almost endless options to get in a great drive on the way home from Healesville or equally to just stay on the Maroondah all the way back in to town.

Either way our great Porsches once again delivered comfort, speed, excitement, flexibility and massive fun for everyone – basically the perfect day.

Given recent feedback, our future runs may incorporate more gravel or ‘light’ off road sections for those members interested in exploring their Porsche’s capabilities further plus we may look to offer club members a professional off-road training day at Sandown.

Alternately we may split future off-road runs from regular road runs for those members that do not want to venture off the tarmac and again look at offering professional advanced driver training to really get to know your Porsche beyond regular road limitations.

A big thank you once again goes out to Ken for all his support and assistance to this register’s captain plus to Kelly for some truly great pictures taken on the run. Thank you all.


Cayenne & Macan Register Run to the Cuckoo Restaurant

Sunday 27th September 2015

Story by Cony Nicolau                      Photos by Cony & Werner Nicolau

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Sunday September 27th saw the first Cayenne / Macan Register run after a brief hiatus in which time Cayenne and Macan models have continued to break sales records for Porsche around the world.

A 9:30am meet up at the customary Mulgrave McDonalds saw 8 Cayenne owners, a Cayman representative plus a certain Italian marque (that also uses a horse) assemble to discuss the day’s activities under an overcast sky.

The run was planned to take in some of the best driving roads throughout the Yarra Ranges starting in Lysterfield, then up to Launching Place before returning down through Cockatoo and culminating in a 4 course buffet lunch at the Teutonically themed Cuckoo restaurant in Olinda.

Incredibly the clouds began to break just after our 10am departure time and by the time we passed the Cardinia reservoir the sun was out and a beautiful day truly began. The earlier weather must have put off the usual Sunday impediments to Porsche enjoyment and we were blessed with virtually no traffic, especially on the most enjoyable sections comprising of endless switchbacks, hairpins and clear safe straights. Although no speed limits were ever threatened by anyone, everyone arrived at our half way rest stop with a massive smile on their faces and an eagerness to get right back at it.

After allowing our ultimate driving machines to cool down in the shade while we rehydrated and discussed technique variations for the return journey, we embarked on the highlight of the run, road C424. Either way that it’s driven this has to be one of the best driving roads around Melbourne, and on this occasion we drove it south towards Gembrook.

Before we knew it 2 unforgettable hours had passed and we were now entering the steep driveway into the carpark at the Cuckoo in Olinda for lunch with both car temperatures and adrenaline levels running rather higher than normal.

After organizing drinks the 4 large buffets were inspected closely by all in attendance and a satisfying silence fell over the table as our tanks were refilled. A big thanks goes out to the Cuckoo staff who were kind enough to have a special table set aside for the Club together with our own wait staff and all for a discounted group price. The German songs, October Fest hat and yodelling were a bonus.

Future Cayenne / Macan Register runs will build upon the success of our 1st run and continue to explore the best driving roads for us to enjoy our Porsches on. As always members from all Porsche Club of Victoria registers are encouraged and welcome to come along on our both midweek and weekend runs.

Last, but certainly not least, a very special mention and thank you is due to Ken Anson, who was instrumental in launching this new Register and assisting its first Captain with literally everything – Thank you Ken.


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