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Modern 911 Run to Gisborne Golf Club

Sunday 13th March 2022

Story by Darren Bonney

Photos by Ken Anson & Kon Gogos Click Here for Image Gallery 

A great drive day in beautiful sunny autumn weather!

The modern 911 run to Gisborne Golf Course started meeting near the Tullamarine airport on Link Drive at the new BP service station which provided us an ideal place to park all 30+ cars in a row and enable a great photo shot.   And providing ample modern facilities to grab a coffee, snacks and catch up with all other participants on the day.

We were all able to take off from the main intersection at the BP, using a double right turning lane towards the Tullamarine airport which grouped the cars in a beautiful Porsche parade upon take off! Ahead of us were the very Porsche friendly regional roads circumnavigating the beautiful Macedon ranges with many awesome and unfamiliar back roads that our captain Kon Gogos (event organiser) proudly chooses with every drive he organises.  Plenty of rolling hills, visual passenger friendly views, wide back roads and plenty of bends and straights to delight all types of drivers.

Leg 1, taking us to Lancefield for our first drive break. We headed north out of Melbourne past the Tullamarine airport with only the traffic lights slowing us down in front of what is currently an eerily quiet international airport. With the airport behind us, we blew off any cobwebs onto the highway towards Sunbury and within minutes we were now on the fast paced backroads that took us snaking our way across to Clarkefield then back through the middle of Darraweit Guim to Kilmore, waking the town with a procession of beautiful cars as we continued north to Pyalong before cutting across to Lancefield for our first stop.

Break time, The Quiet Lancefield town about 70kms out of Melbourne welcomed the drivers and cars with plenty of options for facilities, food, coffee and easy main street parking for all participants. After drivers found their finest choices we were soon congregating on the café bakery stretch providing all participants to talk Porsche while looking at the array of our main street idle masterpieces providing the sleepy town with a great stretch of colours and engineering artistry during our driving recess.

Leg 2, took us further north looping around the old Cobb and Co regional roads to Pyalong and Tooborac back to Lancefield town centre for a drive through on our way across to the northern side of Mt Macedon. This provided any early leavers easy access to the Calder Freeway to head home whilst most remained on the back road to bring us along the winding roads and over the top of Mt Macedon towards Gisborne.

Lunch, was at Gisborne Gold club with plenty of bitumen parking available to line up the team of Porsches again. Lunch was a reserved set of tables providing a view of the golf course.

To summarise, great weather, 30+ car solid attendance on a long weekend, excellent parking available at every stop, fast paced and fun winding roads with little traffic and facilities and food options were plentiful! An excellent Porsche drive region around the Northern and North Eastern roads all of which is not far outside of Melbourne!


Modern 911 Run to Panton Hill Hotel 

Sunday 23rd January 2022


Story by Rita De Lucia

Photos by Ken Anson

Click Here for Image Gallery 

Melbourne put on the weather for a perfect day to drive our beautiful cars to Panton Hill.

Around 30 or so cars met at Melissa Cakes in Templestowe, quite a few arriving earlier than the suggested time so we could catch up with friends we hadn't seen for a while, and to make new ones too. 

We checked in, Kon gave us the rundown, set our Tacos to zero and proceeded to make our way on our "Porsche Parade" up Parker Street for the start of our run. I love how no one really wants to take off first but someone has to do it! 

The sun was shining, the navigation notes were easy to follow, and once we got a few km under our belts the mountain fresh air was unmissable. The scenery was spectacular, I particularly enjoy looking in the passenger side mirror (as the passenger of course) to see the convoy of beautiful cars behind us. It really leaves you speechless to see such beauty all together. 

We had driven around three quarters into the first half of our run until we noticed everyone slowing and breaking.... road works we thought...



"It's only about a kilometre," says Kon, as he approaches each and every driver.  "Go slow and keep your distance." 

I'm pretty sure that the words "stone chips" were uttered in each car, definitely was in ours and from the shine on the cars at our original meeting point most had been in the driveway on Saturday being washed and prepared for today.

It was forgotten quickly and we kept driving until we reached Kinglake for more caffeine and some morning tea. Caffeinated and legs stretched we once again set our tac's to zero for the second half of our run.

More great Porsche friendly roads led us to Panton Hill Pub for Lunch.  Great food, great company, great cars, and a great club to be part of.

Thankyou Kon for organising a Porsche Perfect day. 


Modern 911 run to Yering Meadows Golf Club

Saturday 9th November, 2019

Story by Andrea Delaforce            Photos by Steve Cappadona

Some new faces and some great cars (Incl. 930, 964, 978, 991, 996, 997 models) gathered at Melissa’s Cakes at Templestowe for a great selection of goodies to start the day. The weather looked ominous causing some folk to not join us, but we gathered for the briefing and a coffee in anticipation of another well organized and adventure filled run.

As with any Kon run, there are roadworks, but this one promised (by Kon on the maps) to be spectacular. We couldn’t wait for the trials and tribulations of so many potential dusty, rocky roads and roadworks (10 in total) for our beloved Porsches, but of course our cars handled them with ease. 

We head out, with some of the group reluctant to feel the pressure of being lead car. Off we drive and at the very first roundabout we go straight (according to the directions) while several drivers go left. Usually we get a little further into the run before the alternative routes start, hoping this wasn’t a bad omen.

Overcast but dry and lovely scenery as we wind our way around Kinglake, Healesville, Yarra Glen and Eltham areas. The slow CFA truck on “L plates” on some twisty roads held up a few drivers, with some “spirited” overtaking required to get past the driver who I’m sure out of pure jealousy refused to pull over for us to pass.

We meet up at Dark Horse Café for giant scones (go Val) and coffee and a chat about great countryside, wrong turns and missed signs. A great little café, busy, but enjoyed a quick pit stop there.

We were appreciative of a substitute page (from Kon off the VicRoads website), with an unsealed road warning for the second stage of the run, ending at Yering Meadows Golf Club. We travel over some roads on more than one occasion (normal for a Kon run), I think he does it to confuse the drivers and he secretly laughs at us when we get lost on a road we’ve already been on.

Still overcast, but for a reluctant drop or two we drive around Toolangi, past the Chocolaterie (tempted to end our run there) and around Kinglake, Healesville and Yarra Glen. Quite a few heads turn as we pass groups of cyclists and locals in towns as our stunning stream of Porsches slowly glide past.

We come across and subsequently overtake a surprising number of grey nomads in this area, not sure what that means, but on we travel.

We arrive at the lovely golf club at Yering, with a vista of sweeping fairways and lush greens and an expansive clubhouse. Meeting in our reserved room, two tables of ragged drivers and their superb navigators (if you were lucky enough to have one) were ready for lunch. A stunning view over the course with some strangely attired people hitting a little white ball with a stick, smoke coming out of ears and sticks flying on occasions I’m sure.

We order lunch and Kon has the bottles ready for the lucky draw. Several draws later, lucky winners were beaming with their recently acquired bottles of red or white. Lots of chatting and laughter, what a great group on this run, mixture of ages, some travelling on their own or in couples, all appreciating the opportunity to give our cars the ‘open air’ run they need in the cars we love and enjoy the company that the club makes possible.

Once again, we all thank Kon for the time he takes in preparing and organising these great runs, we meet new people, cement friendships already made and admire cars, but most of all we have fun and we look forward to the next time we see our friends.  Thanks Kon!


MODERN 911 RUN to Upper Beaconsfield

Sunday 30 September 2018

Report by Lynne Russell

Image Gallery

As PCV fledglings we were ready for our second Club Run, together with eleven other 911’s – the Modern 911 Run to Upper Beaconsfield held Sunday September 30.

The morning started early for us with tea and toast, as we had an hour and a half drive up the highway from Geelong to the mustering point. Being the first car to arrive we wondered if we had the correct McDonalds, then when Jane Hallam in her GT3 was the second car to pull in, I was pulling out a google search for a possible second Maccas.

Jane was just pulling in for a ciggy and coffee break and a quick hello, on her way to quote ‘chase the rest of the boys around on the GT3 run’ -perhaps even to dent a few egos I’m thinking.

As others arrived there were plenty of intros with other members and their Porsches. There were a couple of well turned out GTS’s and a good mix of modern 911 Carreras and a Cayman.

Clear instructions by Kon for the run – set your trip meter, be courteous, obey road rules including speed limits and enjoy!

A few lessons were learnt from our first run to Provenance Winery at Fyansford namely:

Don’t forget to set your trip meter to 00.

Don’t always follow the car in front when you realise you haven’t done 1. – they don’t always know where they are going!
So with this in mind, run notes and directions on my lap, Peak Cap on (makes you a better navigator), we fired up the Porsches and left the car park in single file.
Slipping behind the lead group at the start with a large truck in front of us, our group of four eventually broke free in time to enjoy winding country roads with city speed limits around Emerald – did I mention city speed limits – we saw the signs in a blur as we kept up with the group!
Lifting my eyes from my notes – directions were spot on Kon – the scenery was beautiful, weather and roads dry, as we were snaking through the hills on our way to Monbulk and Bernado’s. Definitely a spot to return (going this Saturday actually) as we drove past Tesselaars Bulbs and other nurseries. With the Tulip Festival in full swing the traffic was a little heavier.
The morning coffee break couldn’t come soon enough for some as they had immersed themselves into the spirit and culture of what is grand final weekend in Melbourne, and can we say were not looking quite as shiny and polished as their cars – no offence meant guys!
Bernado’s Diner, rating 4.9 out of 5 on FB and posting pics and a thanks for our visit (check out their page), was a great coffee stop with open fire and all day breakfast.
For our second leg, we slotted into the lead cars as we headed through tall forest at Cockatoo, great driving roads and eased traffic, around Puffing Billy homelands, and wonderful spring scenery. More confident in my nav skills, when we found ourselves the leading car Kon’s instructions were spot on!
On heading to Jason’s Restaurant at Bradford Estate Winery in Beaconsfield Upper some stats included passing three police cars and 6 cyclists – luckily none spotted in the first leg.
Jason’s Restaurant at Bradford Estate Winery welcomed us with front row parking outside the venue as we viewed the dozen 911’s and chatted with drivers over the run.
Two large dining tables with beautiful mountainous views were home for the next few hours as we enjoyed a two course menu, great company and a lot of banter. And if you had a spare moment to ponder, the scenery was breathtaking.
With a menu provided at the day’s start, this was more a la carte than fixed price, starting with a delicious mini asparagus soup and homemade bread.  We both chose the popular Beef Cheek, although the Salmon, Duckling and Gnocchi were tempting. Dessert was Crème Brulee, Strawberry Fields or deconstructed Pavlova with a complimentary coffee.
Having already offered to write this report and scoring a bottle of wine for doing so, I was also chuffed to win another bottle in the raffle – having been a winner also in our first outing. Other raffle winners were Gary Cornish, Margaret Bath.
Big thanks to Kon for organising this day and to other seasoned members for their fellowship and hearty banter. As new members we have felt very welcome and we look forward to attending more events.   
Modern 911 Run to Tooradin

Sunday 25th February 2018

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Modern 911 Father's Day run

Sunday 3rd September 2017

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Modern 911 Register Run to Highfield Estate New Gisborne

Sunday 23rd April 2017

Story by Maria Del Gallo        Photos by Kon Gogos & Ken Anson 

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The Modern 911 Run to Highfield Estate New Gisborne started from McDonalds in Sunshine – and sunshine there was!  It was a beautiful day to take a leisurely drive through country Victoria. 

After an informative briefing and a lucky raffle ticket from Kon we headed north around the airport on some Porsche friendly roads to a lovely morning tea at Mona’s Café in Bacchus Marsh.  We had an enjoyable morning coffee and a catch up before the Porsches were on the road again - however some Porsches didn’t get too far as the local constabulary were setting up a breathalyser station – all good, after a huff and puff we were on our way once more.

This time we headed towards Blackwood and Trentham driving through the beautiful scenic Macedon Ranges.  Some of these roads were well travelled by our Porsches and some were new, all of which led us to our final destination of Highfield Estate – and what a beautiful destination it was! 

We enjoyed some delightful Hors d'Oeuvres out on the deck along with a welcome drink, followed by a delicious 2 course lunch in beautiful surroundings.  After lunch it was time for the raffle to be drawn and we all held on to our lucky raffle tickets – some luckier than others!  Nigel Watson was the 1st prize winner, Alvaro Del Gallo 2nd, 3rd prize went to Oltem Pantall and lucky 4th winner was Sandra Dentry.  All the prize winners got to choose a lovely bottle of wine or sparkling.

Thank you to Kon Gogos and Ken Anson for another enjoyable organised Porsche Run.  We all appreciate your efforts.

Modern 911 Run to Yarra Valley

Sunday 29th January 2017

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Modern 911 Run to Glen Erin Winery

Sunday 16th October 2016

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Story by Nigel Watson           Photos by Ken Anson

Geoff Mould who has done an excellent job as Register Captain for the Boxster and Modern 911 registers for over 10 years stepped down earlier this year. Kon Gogos, with some encouragement from the Club Register Captain Ken Anson, kindly volunteered to take on the role.

Kon started in an impressive style with a cheerful and friendly briefing at Macca's on the Melton Highway. Following the briefing, fourteen cars set off on the route chosen by Kon through rolling green countryside and open roads leading to Gisborne and then, a tight section over Mount Macedon and into Macedon township for morning tea at Olive Jones.

Richard Ward was enjoying his 964 club racer which he had reverted back to a road car with a respray and new non slick tyres. John Gedye was complaining about his family not giving him a say in which car he could drive. We were left wondering who else would complain if they had to drive a new Cayman GTS.

David Steel shattered the peace and quiet  outside while we were enjoying a chat over morning tea when his alarm started blowing loudly. We wondered if the alarm was set off from the weight of a bird landing on his Car Bra to eat the numerous crushed and splattered insects picked up on the drive.

After being revived and refreshed, we reset the trip meters and set off on a route to the east of Macedon. The route was almost a figure eight passing through Romsey, Lancefield and Kilmore East which Kon designed to take advantage of the opportunity to drive our cars on a mixture of twisty and open roads. Fortunately, lunch was scheduled late as the police stopped and breathalysed many of our group presumably thinking we had enjoyed an early lunch. The strongest reading the police could get with their equipment was from a few black coffees. At least we knew where not to go on the return journey later in the day so we were all able to relax and enjoy our lunch at Glen Erin Winery.

At Gen Erin, Norman and Lisa Smith were followed out of their 997 by two boys who had apparently slept all the way - now we know that 4S stands for four seats.

James Hyndman was a tentative starter for the day. He was worried about using his recently acquired 977 Turbo in the wet. Fortunately, the weather held off and James was thrilled he was able to drive his new pride and joy. James was however, the first to break from the noisy lunch party to ensure that he could beat an approaching storm front back to Melbourne.

Congratulations to Kon and his navigator Oltem for their careful planning and preparation for the day. They certainly did a great job with their clear and accurate route notes which opened up some new and enjoyable roads for many of us. Kon was nervous that he could not live up to Geoff Mould's standards but we all agreed that he has made a fantastic start.


Boxster / Cayman / Modern 911 Run

Sunday July 24th 2016

Run to Tooborac

Story by Shaun Malzard         Photos by Lindsay St Baker & Kane Wilson

Click Here for Image Gallery

“.... the weather forecast for this weekend is looking bleak, with high winds, rain and the possibility of hail’ ….”,

 These were the words that I remember hearing a week out from our Boxster / Cayman / Modern 911 run to the famous Tooborac Hotel.  ‘High winds’ I could live with … hey I’ve felt high winds!  Like at Sandown, when one of the Cup Cars went past so fast it created a Wind-Vortex, that was so strong that Tasmania was pulled 3cm closer to The Mainland!

However, the thought of rain, not to mention the possibility of hail was enough to get my left eye twitching.  Luckily though, as the weekend drew closer the forecast became less formidable; and with it my Hail Anxiety dropped, and so to “my donations to The Swear Jar”.

In fact, on the morning of our Run; remarkably, the weather Gods had blessed us with sunshine and happiness!  Well; like any Boxster driver when faced with the prospect ‘driving and sunshine’, I reached out to remove my roof. Sadly, my finger was quickly slapped away by my loving wife, (and navigator). She explained that “on behalf of ALL navigators everywhere’ that “it was much too cold to even THINK about taking the roof down” and that she; DIDN’T CARE how sunny it is, or how good the heater is … the roof stays on.” I could feel my ‘eye twitch’ returning.

We arrived at our meetup point at Ringwood Shopping Centre Car Park; and after the obligatory McDonald's Coffee (from across the road), and quick catch up, we went outside for our briefing.
BRRrRrrrrr – geezz it was chilly!! Who on earth would be crazy enough to want to have the roof off on a day like this!??! *ahem* …

Ken Anson set the stage, and introduced our new Boxster / Cayman Chief Kane Wilson, who went through the days plan. Special acknowledgment at this stage to Lindsay St. Baker who has been one of the two Boxster/Cayman Register Captains for eight years and who has done a fantastic job.  The briefing done, early morning customers at Ringwood Shopping Centre were then treated to the impressive sight (and sounds) of almost 30 of our cars snaking their way out of the car park.

1ST STOP a bakery in Kinglake West (just over an hour away, thru the wonderful leafy back roads of Warrandyte , Healesville, up into Yea, and Kingslake.  My trip was made a little extra special, since I got to admire the shapely backside of Jake and Jade Gedye beautiful new red GTS for most of the trip. MMmMmmmmm shapely currrrves.

When we arrived at The Flying Tart Bakery, things were already in full swing from the earlier arrival of The Triumph Club, it was nice of them to pop the kettle on for us  J How very English!

Granted The Flying Tart did feel a little ‘snug ‘and at times chaotic (so much so that male author or this story inadvertently found himself in the LADIES bathroom at one point - ahem - but that's another story)

Nevertheless the food, drinks, and hospitality were lovely.

Our morning tea done .... we climbed back in our cars … next stop The Tooborac Hotel, a pub made famous for its Ghost, its Beer, and its Chicken and Leek pies! For those wondering, not only was the Boxster roof still on at this point, but even more annoying was that now the wipers were too! DAMN YOU RAIN!!!

Anyway … there was LOTS of beautiful countryside, fun twistys … and even a lonely looking speed camera (that I can safely report that we all drove past doing no more than 80kmph). I found myself simply enjoying the moment, driving in the middle of ‘The Pack’ (where I enjoy being) … no pressure …
when suddenly my Navigator says ‘take a right here, and then a sharp left!’!

I do what I'm told, but the others all missed the turn …

Mrs Navigator is on point with her directions … but OH NO, we now find ourselves with THE LEAD!!

I glance in my mirrors, and see the other cars quickly closing the gap like a swarm of angry bees!!!  Yikes! … needless to say … like a thoughtful driver (Big Baby) I pull over ….
…. ZZOOMM!! … OOoM!!! … OOMm!!
– half a dozen beautiful cars fly past, and I am happily back in the middle of the pack.

This time, following the sleek lines of Nigel and Rosemary Watson’s Black Cabriolet 3.8 Carrera S… and Wow, what a car! Inner voice ‘maybe you could ask them to think about taking the roof off…?...’
***wiper blades*** ‘flip, flop’ ‘flip, flop’(pause) …  Ohh yes, that’s right …DAMN YOU RAIN!!!! ***shakes his fist***

It’s not long after that we arrive at the famous Tooborac Hotel.  The open fire is warm and inviting, as are the staff who all ensure that we are well looked after.  Our 2 course meal is delicious (is there anything better that a hot sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce for desert in the middle of winter … or for that matter , at any time!?!

We are introduced to new members, including the four members of the Gedye family, Jake, Jade, John and Sheryl, (who drive matching GTS Boxsters) and Eddie Attard and Paul Bai in a stylish Cayman S.

After dessert Kane drew the raffle, bottles of wine and a gift pack of locally brewed beer going to Kon Gogos, Rob Rogers, Ken Marriot, and to my surprise *coff*, myself!

By any measure - It was a wonderful day.

And on a personal level it allowed me to I discovered some more of regional Victoria that I had never seen. Best of all I got to enjoy it with a great bunch of likeminded people, many of whom I now consider friends … And all, from behind the wheel of the most remarkable sports car ever produced. 

Wir gehören alle zur Familie von Porsche

Modern 911 and Boxster/Cayman Register Run

Sunday 15th November 2015

Story by Spiros Karagiannidis

Photos by Geoffrey Mould and Spiros Karagiannidis

Click Here for Image Gallery

Close your eyes and imagine that feeling you get on the first day of school… Being the ‘new kid’ you have butterflies in your stomach, yet you’re super excited to meet new people and share the same passion for Porsches that brings us all together. I have not only been a car enthusiast since I could walk but I have had a lifelong dream of owning a Porsche since I could remember. So naturally, when I purchased my first Porsche, a Cayman S, I knew I needed to enjoy my time with her alongside others who share my passion. When I discovered the Porsche Club of Victoria I knew I was in heaven.

That beautiful Sunday morning was definitely an early start to the day. Waking up at 6:30am certainly confused the body clock considering most Saturday nights I’m coming home at that time! Nevertheless, Alexandra, my fiancé and I set off to our first Porsche club meet.

As we embarked on our adventure full of excitement and anticipation, we encountered a few obstacles in what we thought would be an effortless drive.  Roadworks and the Domain tunnel closure meant detours through the CBD, not knowing that roads had been closed for yet another Sunday fun run marathon. So a usually thirty-five minute drive ended up being an hour drive until we finally pulled into the Ringwood McDonalds carpark. I’ll be honest, I was pretty wound up by this stage, however seeing all of the cars parked symmetrically in the car park got the heart racing and all of a sudden that frustrating drive to get there became somewhat a distant memory – also, two oily hash browns and a Maccas coffee usually brings a smile to my face.

After meeting some of the other members and getting a quick brief from the organisers, we were ready to start up the beasts and get going with our printed maps in tow. We took off from the car park and formed a few small groups. As soon as we entered the King Lake twisties, and being sharp around the sweepers, my smile was practically ear to ear the whole way to Yea. This was the first proper drive we’ve had with the Cayman on roads outside of the busy city. Geez she handled well! Plus the scenery through the hills was absolutely breathtaking, and somewhat euphoric. I was definitely ‘in the zone’ as they say.

Yea was a quick caffeine stop and enough time to stretch the legs while getting to know a few more new faces. Then back in the cars we went for the leg through Tallarook and Pyalong up to Flynn’s winery in Heathcote. About an hour and 105 kms later, we pulled into the winery where we parked in an orderly fashion, perfect for some further photo opportunities. It was a great opportunity to get a closer look at all of the cars and chat to the fellow drivers and passengers. Sixteen cars all up were at lunch, twelve of which were either Caymans/Boxsters (ranging from the first of the late 90s Boxsters to the latest Boxster S and fiery red Cayman GTS), and a handful of 911s, consisting of a 996 cabrio and three 997s, one of which was a ‘not often seen’ Targa. Our afternoon was entertained by wine tasting, a fabulous two course meal and an opportunity to meet some other Porsche club members.

The drive home was somewhat lonely as we were one of the first cars to take off, however both Alex and I spent the drive home talking about the highlights of the day, discussing our favourite wines, the cars and pleased with the new friendships we had formed.

Thank you all who attended for making our first Porsche club meet such a fun and memorable day. We are really looking forward to next years’ social calendar.