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Competition numbers are important. They allow participants to be identified by Officials and Timing staff. Numbers should be attached on both sides of the vehicle and must be clearly visible. They must be attached securely. Day-glo numbers should also be fitted to the front windscreen at the top on the passenger side of the vehicle. See pictures.


Members who reserve numbers are expected to provide their own numbers. Options for purchasing and attaching your numbers are given below. If you do not choose to provide your own numbers, the Club will provide stick-on numbers at each event. However, your entry cost will be $20 higher.


The Club practice is to allow the reservation of specific numbers for the upcoming year of Motorsport Competition. It is important to note that the Club retains absolute authority over numbers. If a number is not renewed during the renewal period, it will be forfeited and may be reallocated. Members who do not renew their number do not have any right or interest in the number after it has been forfeited and reallocated.


The club will be allowing the reservation of numbers in 2020 as we have done in previous years.

For 2020 the annual fee for reservation of numbers is just $15. The cost of 2020 event entry, without numbers, will be $20 higher for each event. This aims to encourage more entrants to have a reserved number which makes event organisation much easier.


Renewal process open:  Monday 14 October 2019 (email to reserved number holders)

Renewal deadline:  Friday 29 November 2019

Numbers available for reallocation:  Monday 2 December 2019

If you require a number but do not have one already, Click Here for online bookings. 

Any questions please email Lisa on


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