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Boxster/ Cayman Run to Black Spur Inn Narbethong.

By Bryan G Langton

2011 Boxster S.

Well what a great run and a great day to finally get on the road and blow away the ‘Covid 19 cobwebs’.

I think I speak for all the attendees that it was a great day. Our meeting place in the open at the Olinda Creek hotel in Lilydale was a little different from past runs in that due to Covid 19 we were not able to initially gather inside a venue.

However, the morning was clear and bright, and the usual pre-chat and introductions were done with the required coffee etc available from a nearby café.

It great of course to see the various ‘renditions’ of the Boxster / Cayman family with the White 2011 Spyder of Travis Carlin looking very ‘sharp’. The newest car in attendance was the 2019 718 Cayman of Susan and Ian Cummin looking very ‘menacing’ in its grey metallic livery.

It was also great to see so many new members (or members on their first run attending.)

Stuart and Pernilla Allan

Sean Berend

Susan and Ian Cummin

Julia and Vincent Fodera

Andrew Holdsworth with Greg Rohde

Darren Sultana.

Plus my navigator and friend Colin a past president of the Dromana based car club the SPC&HCC (he also lusts after my Boxster S !!)

These members certainly (in my view) picked a great run for their first outing.

After the usual briefing from Carlo (plus myself volunteering to be the scribe (Carlo advising “no scribe no run”) we were on our way.

As is often the case the requirement to read the route notes if ESPECIALLY important as if the notes say sharp left it, means sharp left.  I counted 4 cars (myself included) which had to do a 360 to return to the route. From then on it was a great route that Carlo had planned. Being reasonably early in the morning, we pretty much had the route to ourselves and were able to experience the real capability and character of our cars.

For those of us that have driven the “Reefton Spur” it is a great run not only for the Spur itself but the style of roads leading into it. The Spur is all about the joy of realising that we own a car that enables us to understand how well balanced our cars are on a road that tests all the capabilities of the car we are lucky to drive, while making the journey fun. I for one ended the first part of the run upon arrival at the Black Spur Inn with a huge ‘smile on the dial’. What was even more enjoyable was the ability to drive with top down and hear the ‘tune’ exiting from the engine behind our seats.

Lunch was taken at the Black Spur Inn and as usual this gave us all another opportunity to get to know our fellow Boxster / Cayman members a little better and say hi to our new members the quality of the food was first class. The run ended with the usual raffle. Please forgive me for not listing the winners of the fine wines on offer but I have lost the list I made !!!.

All in all, a great day a great drive, great conversation, and a great run home via the “Reefton Spur” again if you just had to do it again (I did).

Thanks to Carlo for a great run.


Boxster Cayman Run to Dalyston

Saturday 15th February 2020

Story by Anna Cook     Photos by Ken Anson

Image Gallery

Twenty four cars from all registers turned out for the Run including one Audi: that of Carlo Fasolino whose Porsche Cayman had a little breakdown the day before!  

That the weather was overcast didn’t dampen the spirits. Among those revved up and eager to go were Rada and Rod Popovic, Maureen and Rodney Mackenzie, and Omnia Holland (with friend Litsa). Omnia, on her second club run because her first love (sailing), takes up most of her time.

Elena Schwob’s 2020 Carrera Coupe 992 Carmine Red was a stand out for its swank Carmine (lipstick red) duco; and Richard Paul-Andrew’s black 911 GTS with its Sunshine Coast number was a reminder that we may not in fact have any sun on the coast where we were headed!

Before departing McDonald’s Mulgrave, Run Organiser Carlo Fasolino updated the road alerts as the previous day Cardinia Road (nr Pakenham) was partly closed for road works.

The first stage from Mulgrave via Emerald to Gembrook, was windy with intermittent rain, and light mists. Clearly this was to be a wipers on/wipers off day. However, the misty landscape looked serene and John Gedye’s red Boxster GTS stood out providing a beacon to follow.

The convoy continued to Cockatoo at a good (and safe) pace then slowed dramatically to a crawl behind a large, loaded semi-trailer. At this stage the wipers were moving faster than the cars!

Soon we arrived in Pakenham and enjoyed cruising on a wider road that crossed a flat plain of dark, rich soil with vast hectares of asparagus and corn. Along the Cardinia and Dalmore roads huge cold stores were visible.

Finally, we turned onto the Gippsland Highway and within a short distance we arrived at Caldermeade Farm and Café for a coffee and morning tea. 

The second part of the run took us through Poowong, along quiet country roads to Loch.  We drove over hills and along winding roads that required navigation as there was heavy fog. There was a welcome break in the weather just before arriving at our lunch venue at Dalyston.

Located in the Old Daylston Church we enjoyed delicious food that included a main course of chicken and fish followed by a delicious dessert of petits fours. The service was warm and efficient with the owners and hosts Sharon and Brett in attendance.

Winners of the raffle were:

Brian Langton, Jim Morey, Nick Yates and Anh Paul-Andrew.

With thanks to Immerse in the Yarra Valley for providing the wines.

At three o’clock, long, long after lunch had finished everyone was still happily chatting and reluctant to leave. 

So, a big thanks to you Carlo for organizing such a fun social day! 

Dalyston Church Restaurant



Boxster/Cayman Run to Apolloy Bay with Optional Overnight

Saturday 14th September 2019

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Boxster Cayman Run to Chrismont Winery and Optional Overnight in Bright

Saturday 6th April 2019

Story by Rada Popovic    Photos by Ken Anson

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What a great run with both Drivers & Navigators all enjoying the day/night!

Meeting point was Croydon Hotel where 34 attendees in 24 cars headed off to our first checkpoint of Alexandra led by John Gedye and his son Jake in their red and blue Boxsters. Weather was stunning with all the cars following each other at a leisurely pace enjoying the bends and views along the Black Spur. Garry was seen really enjoying the bends in his new Cayman GTS. 

A relaxing stop for Morning Tea at Alexandra was enjoyed by all. Phillip Leslie didn’t have time to clean the bugs from his windows from the previous run to Geelong the week before so he was spotted washing his windscreen so he could really enjoy the view for the last leg of the Run.

Our final destination of Chrismont Winery here we come. Crossing the Bonnie Doon Bridge, we couldn’t all help but notice how very low it was for this time of the year with barely any water on the right hand side. Mansfield Whitfield Road led by Ken & Harriet took us around some windy bends allowing us all to enjoy the power of our cars, however 3 of the navigators, Helen, Barbara & Nadeeka in their own said don’t forget to say there were some interesting corners!! Our senses were alight with the smell of the pine forests around us as we drove into Chrismont Winery.

Lunch and the local wines were extremely enjoyed by all with a beautiful view over the whole valley. New Members Theo & Judith Hass plus potential members Darren & Leila Sturt, Brendan & Barbara Keenan were all welcomed into the club.  Raffles was drawn with Peter Hemphill, Yen Woo, Theo Hass, Philip Leslie & Garry Saber all walking away with a bottle of wine.  

We had the option after lunch to stay the night in Bright after the run so 18 of us all headed for another stunning drive through wine country to Bright for the night. Bright this time of the year is beautiful with all the Maple Leaves just starting to drop and the colours of the countryside simply breathtaking. We had our roof down along with a number of other cars enjoying the last of the good weather.

The Star Hotel Bright was our dinner destination where we all enjoyed a nice meal and got to know each other over a few drinks. Talk always started and ended up about our cars and how much we all enjoyed the day.  It was a great way to unwind after a long day with a group of kindred spirits.

Discussions were made about what the plan for the next morning was with some opting for an early start and heading over Mt Hotham through Dinner Plain and homeward, while others had arranged to meet for breakfast and discuss options on which scenic way to return to Melbourne, and others were staying another night. Ken & Harriet were heading off to Harvey Bay from Bright for an extended break (lucky them).

We would all like to thank Ken, Harriet & Kane for organising such a wonderful run and a great overnighter. Please organise some more Saturday overnighters as it was a pleasure to share a weekend with you all.

Combined Boxster/Cayman and Torque Tube Run to Flinders Ranges

Sunday 18th November 2018

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Sunday 4th March

Story by Stephen Lofthouse       Photos by Ken Anson

Today’s run to Inverloch would begin at what has come to be one of the club’s favourite meeting locations, McDonald’s corner Springvale and Wellington Roads Mulgrave.

The Macca’s car park made for a mighty fine mix of models of the marque. Any threat of rain was gone and a fine day ensued with a great turn out of Boxsters and Caymans, plus a 944 and GT3.  Of particular note were a very well-presented red Cayman and the one blue GT3 which later became a real head turner.

In the absence of Kane, who had organised this great run, Ken stepped in as El Capitan vacating his role with the Mid 911 Register being run on same day.  As there were no new members to initiate only introductions were for prospective member Natalie and, her prospective husband Lance.

Ken called the troops to attention, issued to the attentive group the lessons in etiquette when passing/being passed.  He then first released the movers and shakers with a flash and then dispatched the remainder to the sound, sight and smell of automotive excellence, Porsches everywhere up, up and away we went…..

Those with the need for speed may not have noticed but as we proceeded down the highway, this saw us pass by the Cardinia Reservoir with views towards the wall.  Back of Beaconsfield gave the first opportunity, with clean air with little or no traffic, to open the intakes wide and the drivers to get into their stride.

Some highway driving briefly then some enjoyable but bumpy backroads opened up heading towards Lang Lang.  A quick U-Turn on the highway and we were at our morning tea destination, Caldermeade Farm and Café, where plenty of coffee and cake was consumed.  We may have missed the daily milking but there were still plenty to see and talk about.

 12:03 and the call to action was enacted by Mon Commandant and we hit the road again back down the bumpy café driveway.

As we again turned off the highway, the uphill winding road offered up a picturesque and exhilarating drive with cows literally perched each side of the road watching the procession of Porsches passing by, traversing the distinctive straw coloured rounded and groomed hills, passing through the quaint village of Loch…. Luckily none wanted to go to the udder side!

At the 34.2km mark the back roads of Bass Coast unveiled themselves in all their glory opening up with twists, turns and minimal traffic with the Loch-Wonthaggi Road, Krowera of particular note. Ah the sound and the spirit of the marque’s metal in motion!

A sharp left onto Glen Alvie Road led us onto some more Porsche friendly roads with spectacular views left, right, valleys which, according to my navigator, we passed through too quickly than they deserved to appreciate them fully.

Some got to experience more than in local travel book guides, others got to see the same roads from both sides. This was demonstrated by the one instance when five Porsches arrived at the same T-intersection from the three directions.

As we approached our coastal lunch rendezvous we saw yet again another change in vegetation, now to white sand and tea tree fringing the roadside leading us into Inverloch.

Our buffet lunch at the RACV Resort was masterfully presented with plenty of choice and complemented by a fine wine list and a perfect view of Bass Strait.

Congratulations to raffle winners Margaret Bath, Gillian Jellard, Neil Wrigley and my wife Tracey and a big thankyou to Kane and Ken, the organisers.


Boxster/Cayman Run to Healesville

Sunday 29th October

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Story by Richard Kempster         Photos by Richard Kempster & Sheryl Luxon

With a forecast perfectly suited to open air motoring and a near full attendee list of mid engined pleasure, it was with eager anticipation that club members and guests assembled for the October Register run. With over 24 vehicles showcasing the marque, and a few rear engined friends along for the journey, this was a run not to be missed.

Early carpark conversations were varied, with some brave enough to discuss IMS failure potential - however with the sun warming the air such talk was never in order.

After the mandatory briefing outlining club and driver expectations the air was soon filled with the symphony that is a well tuned flat six.

Heading east onto the Maroondah Highway towards Lilydale the soundtrack continued with the keen onlooker spotting GTS versions of Cayman and Boxster, 991 GT3 and Turbo 911, with the cohort turning onto the Warburton Highway, with the first stop of the day in the town of the same name.

With the temperature rising, the opportunity was taken to enjoy the sunshine and true open air motoring that a Boxster, or any convertible can provide. Interestingly, the term Boxster is derived from combining Boxer (engine) with Roadster (convertible). The real treat however was the road ahead.

Heading out of Warburton, keeping right towards Woods Point lies one of Victoria's finest driving roads, the Reefton Spur. Countless corners test both PSM and adhesion, with caution also required as the road is frequented by Motorbike riders at sometimes high velocity. Patchy sun covering and leaf litter also add to the varied conditions, hence adherence to both the tarmac and posted road speed will provide greatest joy.

Turning left onto the Marysville, Lake Mountain Road, the opportunity is provided to clear any residual carbon deposits from exhaust valves before a picturesque drive through the small town that has undergone regeneration after recent fires. Heading out towards Healesville, the Black Spur provided the group with a second opportunity to enjoy the magnificent flowing drive experience that this road provides.

By now, thoughts of lunch had developed with the RACV Club in Healesville the final destination for the day. The service, smorgasbord and venue were of the highest standard, befitting the engineering excellence parked out on the front apron.

Overall this event was highly enjoyable - great road selection and planning, with only a minor misfire and reported puncture to distract from an otherwise brilliant morning.

Thanks go to Kane Wilson, Register Captain and club members for making this, the final Boxster/Cayman run of 2017 a great success.



Boxster/Cayman Run to Morning Sun Vineyard

Sunday 6th August 2017

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Boxster/Cayman Register Spring Run to Djinta Djinta Winery, Kardella South

Sunday 2nd October 2016

Story by Ken Marriott  Photos by Ken Anson, Wayne & Lindsay St Baker

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Well! Lindsay certainly saved the best till last! Sunday 2nd October was not only the Spring run for the Boxster/Cayman register, it was also the last under the leadership of Lindsay St Baker, ably assisted by husband and driver, Wayne. In chatting with Lindsay, we found that she has filled the role for nearly 8 years in which time she has planned and managed over 20 runs. Wayne says, "I just do the driving and tell her how it feels. She does all the planning". Lindsay doesn’t drive on the runs but clearly, clearly, she has a flair for finding such enjoyable runs and this one, as Wayne commented, is "away from the crowds on the roads to the north and west of the city". This highlights the beauty of the Porsche: a fast run to get away from the City and then a stunning piece of countryside to enjoy the cars.

Though moving into retirement has meant I haven’t had the time (!!) for as many PCV events as usual this year, I can say without doubt that this was the run that I have most enjoyed in the past 5 years!

Clearly, people know what Lindsay can put on: not only was the day booked out, but close to a quarter of the cars were other models and they certainly added to flavour of the experience: a Macan, a late 70s 930 turbo, a 944 Turbo, a 968, a gaggle of late 911s and even, an Astra twin top! And on the Boxster/ Cayman side of the ledger, early thru to late 986s, 987s, 981s and a bunch of Cayman GTSs and GT4 and Boxster GTS. Great company!

We started from Maccas in Cranbourne and by 9.30am were all pretty well on the road. To avoid the growing "problem" of big numbers on Club runs, Wayne staggered the departures so the 30 odd cars wouldn’t end up in a slow old conga line traipsing around the country. This was a good move as it let the "leadfoots" head away under full steam while the "relaxers" took their time and enjoyed the countryside. Significantly though, I suspect that it also led to a few of the group becoming traditional "Sunday drivers", happily chatting away as they drove. A few turns were thus inadvertently passed but fortunately, amends were soon made and neither morning tea nor lunch was missed.

The route from Cranbourne plotted out by Lindsay took us south toward Phillip Island but we had soon departed the Highway for Lang Lang and Nyora before we began to worm our way up the hills toward Poowong. Thence we moved on through rich, rolling dairy country and narrow, winding roads via Ranceby, Strzelecki and Tetoora Road into the south of Warragul and then westward to Luciano’s café in Drouin for morning tea.

From Drouin, we headed south again, through more rich, rolling be-cattled countryside with stunning views into deep valleys, more tight winding roads, and distant glimpses across to Wilsons Prom and Bass Strait. Back into Poowong, we headed further south, crossing the South Gippsland Highway at Bena and travelling on to Glen Alvie, Kongwak and then, in a big arc to the east then north via the Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road, into Korumburra. Finally, 8 km. on the road to Leongatha we reached our lunch destination, Djinta Djinta Winery. Just under 200 km. of tight, winding roads. Fantastic!

At Djinta Djinta proceedings started with a tasting of the house wines. While I’m always a little wary of wines from cool, wet climes, most of these were pleasantly surprising, the Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec and the Pinot Noir being stand-outs. My only disappointments were that I missed out on one of the six bottles won on names drawn from a hat and I then forgot to buy a stock before we left. The mixed grill or fish on offer as main courses were of a high standard and these were only matched by the deserts. The atmosphere and setting were excellent.

So good was the company –a mix of older, younger, new and long term Club members— that the crowd didn’t really thin until 4pm. Lindsay received a richly-deserved round of applause for her years of work and Kane Wilson, stepping in as the new Register Captain, realised what a task he has ahead. Here was a case of not so much having some big shoes to fill, but rather, some far smaller but very skilled ones. Thank you Lindsay for many wonderful trips and for going out on a real high!


Boxster / Cayman / Modern 911 Run

Sunday July 24th 2016

Run to Tooborac

Story by Shaun Malzard         Photos by Lindsay St Baker & Kane Wilson

Click Here for Image Gallery

“.... the weather forecast for this weekend is looking bleak, with high winds, rain and the possibility of hail’ ….”,

 These were the words that I remember hearing a week out from our Boxster / Cayman / Modern 911 run to the famous Tooborac Hotel.  ‘High winds’ I could live with … hey I’ve felt high winds!  Like at Sandown, when one of the Cup Cars went past so fast it created a Wind-Vortex, that was so strong that Tasmania was pulled 3cm closer to The Mainland!

However, the thought of rain, not to mention the possibility of hail was enough to get my left eye twitching.  Luckily though, as the weekend drew closer the forecast became less formidable; and with it my Hail Anxiety dropped, and so to “my donations to The Swear Jar”.

In fact, on the morning of our Run; remarkably, the weather Gods had blessed us with sunshine and happiness!  Well; like any Boxster driver when faced with the prospect ‘driving and sunshine’, I reached out to remove my roof. Sadly, my finger was quickly slapped away by my loving wife, (and navigator). She explained that “on behalf of ALL navigators everywhere’ that “it was much too cold to even THINK about taking the roof down” and that she; DIDN’T CARE how sunny it is, or how good the heater is … the roof stays on.” I could feel my ‘eye twitch’ returning.

We arrived at our meetup point at Ringwood Shopping Centre Car Park; and after the obligatory McDonald's Coffee (from across the road), and quick catch up, we went outside for our briefing.
BRRrRrrrrr – geezz it was chilly!! Who on earth would be crazy enough to want to have the roof off on a day like this!??! *ahem* …

Ken Anson set the stage, and introduced our new Boxster / Cayman Chief Kane Wilson, who went through the days plan. Special acknowledgment at this stage to Lindsay St. Baker who has been one of the two Boxster/Cayman Register Captains for eight years and who has done a fantastic job.  The briefing done, early morning customers at Ringwood Shopping Centre were then treated to the impressive sight (and sounds) of almost 30 of our cars snaking their way out of the car park.

1ST STOP a bakery in Kinglake West (just over an hour away, thru the wonderful leafy back roads of Warrandyte , Healesville, up into Yea, and Kingslake.  My trip was made a little extra special, since I got to admire the shapely backside of Jake and Jade Gedye beautiful new red GTS for most of the trip. MMmMmmmmm shapely currrrves.

When we arrived at The Flying Tart Bakery, things were already in full swing from the earlier arrival of The Triumph Club, it was nice of them to pop the kettle on for us  J How very English!

Granted The Flying Tart did feel a little ‘snug ‘and at times chaotic (so much so that male author or this story inadvertently found himself in the LADIES bathroom at one point - ahem - but that's another story)

Nevertheless the food, drinks, and hospitality were lovely.

Our morning tea done .... we climbed back in our cars … next stop The Tooborac Hotel, a pub made famous for its Ghost, its Beer, and its Chicken and Leek pies! For those wondering, not only was the Boxster roof still on at this point, but even more annoying was that now the wipers were too! DAMN YOU RAIN!!!

Anyway … there was LOTS of beautiful countryside, fun twistys … and even a lonely looking speed camera (that I can safely report that we all drove past doing no more than 80kmph). I found myself simply enjoying the moment, driving in the middle of ‘The Pack’ (where I enjoy being) … no pressure …
when suddenly my Navigator says ‘take a right here, and then a sharp left!’!

I do what I'm told, but the others all missed the turn …

Mrs Navigator is on point with her directions … but OH NO, we now find ourselves with THE LEAD!!

I glance in my mirrors, and see the other cars quickly closing the gap like a swarm of angry bees!!!  Yikes! … needless to say … like a thoughtful driver (Big Baby) I pull over ….
…. ZZOOMM!! … OOoM!!! … OOMm!!
– half a dozen beautiful cars fly past, and I am happily back in the middle of the pack.

This time, following the sleek lines of Nigel and Rosemary Watson’s Black Cabriolet 3.8 Carrera S… and Wow, what a car! Inner voice ‘maybe you could ask them to think about taking the roof off…?...’
***wiper blades*** ‘flip, flop’ ‘flip, flop’(pause) …  Ohh yes, that’s right …DAMN YOU RAIN!!!! ***shakes his fist***

It’s not long after that we arrive at the famous Tooborac Hotel.  The open fire is warm and inviting, as are the staff who all ensure that we are well looked after.  Our 2 course meal is delicious (is there anything better that a hot sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce for desert in the middle of winter … or for that matter , at any time!?!

We are introduced to new members, including the four members of the Gedye family, Jake, Jade, John and Sheryl, (who drive matching GTS Boxsters) and Eddie Attard and Paul Bai in a stylish Cayman S.

After dessert Kane drew the raffle, bottles of wine and a gift pack of locally brewed beer going to Kon Gogos, Rob Rogers, Ken Marriot, and to my surprise *coff*, myself!

By any measure - It was a wonderful day.

And on a personal level it allowed me to I discovered some more of regional Victoria that I had never seen. Best of all I got to enjoy it with a great bunch of likeminded people, many of whom I now consider friends … And all, from behind the wheel of the most remarkable sports car ever produced. 

Wir gehören alle zur Familie von Porsche




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