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993 Register Run to the Yarra Valley

Sunday 28th October 2017

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993 Register Run to Fowles Winery, Avenel

Sunday 28th May 2017

Story by Tony Stephens                                Photos by Mark Chittleborough & Leanne Vella

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Met up at McDonald’s Balwyn whilst the sun was out, however rain threatened. We all got off to a good start on a most enjoyable drive through the eastern suburbs via King Lake and Whittlesea.

As we arrived at the Magpie and Stump Hotel, Wandong, we could smell the inviting log fire. We had a lovely hot drink and a fresh muffin before we continued on our way. It then started raining. However it was only brief and then the sky cleared.

A wide variation of Porsches participated which is becoming the norm these days. The 993 register was well represented with a broad selection.

The roads chosen became better and better, especially the road from Lancefield to Pyalong. The weather was ideal, the scenery magnificent and the rumble of Porsche exhausts was truly memorable.

On arrival at Fowles Winery, we were directed to a special car park and then inside for a delicious lunch. As usual, a raffle was drawn with 3 lucky winners being presented with a fine bottle of wine from Fowles Winery. The winners were Nick Rodda, Bree Gedye and Sheryl Luxon.

Around 3.30pm, we all departed onto the Hume Highway for a 90 minute drive back to Melbourne.  A beautiful rainbow appeared to complete another ideal Porsche car club rally. 

993 Register Run to Merindoc Winery, Tooborac

Sunday 25th September 2016

Story by Andrew Bonwick Photos by Stephanie Wylaars & Michelle Scholz

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Yay, we are going to Toobey.

The 993 register (you guessed it) did a very interesting run through Yea and finished at Tooborac on 25 September.

This was Roger Vella’s first run as Register Captain. At the briefing he introduced our new members Thomas Som and Jessica Chea and gave a quick summary of the route and the day. It was good to see a mix of members including Ray and Sandra back again and Tony Stephenson in that glorious black and tan 993 Turbo.

We started from Ringwood, and wound up through Warrandyte and Kangaroo Ground to Yarra Glen. We then went via Kinglake and Hazeldene via Flowerdale to Yea. The transition from suburban to the green fringe winding road then the ridges at Kinglake and the glades and vales around Flowerdale made for terrific passing scenery. The traffic was generally light, and the driving was unfussed and enjoyable.

Morning tea was at Marmalades at the north end of the main highway in Yea, a very nice venue that had set room aside for us. Good coffee, small tables of members discussing the merits of different models.

After morning tea we wound up the Goulburn River, then across a narrow but nice road from Trawool-Tallarook-Pyalong before the sweeping curves off the escarpment down to Lancefield and up to the final destination just below Tooborac (Toobey to the locals.)

The column of cars was representative of the marque, with a good sprinkling of 993s including turbos, an RS and a couple of Carrera S’s to spice things up. There were also two Caymans (a GTS and a GT4) and a sprightly Macan Turbo.

An attentive Jon & Michelle Scholz paused their drive to rescue a turtle they saw, shelled up in the middle of the road as all Porsches before them roared by.  Fingers crossed this turtle is enjoying its new home by the dam!

Lunch was at the Merindoc Vineyard on an outdoor veranda. The scenery was very attractive surrounded by low green hills and the vineyard with the cars off to the right (!) and the meal was a series of tasting plates and pizza with a light dessert and coffee. I have to say it was a pleasant blur. The conversation was lively for the whole afternoon. What could be better than sharing a warm sunny spring day with likeminded friends?

If that was Roger’s first run, I for one will be pleased to sign up for future runs with the 993 register!

993 Register Run to Inverloch

Sunday 29th May 2016

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Story by Riccardo Rossi Photos by Kon Gogos

Sunday morning. Maccas. Bit chilly. Carpark well populated with Porsche - mostly of the 993 variety. Yep, 993 Register run, this one to the beautiful seaside township of Inverloch via Longway of course. Eleven examples and various variations of the venerable air-cooled beast parked side by side pointing outwards waiting for launch instructions from their happy owners. Five non 993s - 2 x Boxster, a Cayman and 2 x 911 (one being Bernard’s classic ’74 911s which is of course part of the air-cooled family) were welcomed in to play too. As a new member of the club on my second run, to find this inclusiveness is very pleasing.

So, first things first. Coffee. Then the meet and greet. Thankfully for me most are wearing name tags! A few minutes chit-chat and Leon gathers us in the courtyard for the pre take-off briefing. Roll call. Peter Day? Anyone heard from Peter? No takers. General agreement he’ll turn up any moment. A set of magnificently prepared running notes are issued. Whoever prepares these should sign them as for any notable work of art.

Now the hard word. Says Leon "Last thing is we aren’t going until someone volunteers to do a write up. Any takers?" Much shuffling of feet and downcast eyes. Where’s Vickie?? No Vickie today. My voice responds to The Leon Ultimatum – "I’ll give it a go". A nanosecond later my brain catches up and mild panic along with a couple of muscle contractions set in. Too late. Jane quickly picks up on a literary train-wreck in the making and offers to help out if needs be. Done deal!

Leon’s happy so off to our cars. Jane and myself are running solo so I suggest we stay together as this worked sort of ok on the previous run. "What colour’s the RS?" "Black." Yep half the field is black! My eyes scan the number plates. Our plates are a similar pattern and for a second it seems my black Boxster has morphed into a black RS. No such luck, though she sees the humorous side as only a gal sliding into her 1 of 1,014 993 RSs can.

All 16 out of Maccas safely and heading east up Wellington and who shows up. Peter’s Porsche radar has kicked in and he slots his C2 coupe into the pack as inconspicuously as one can in Speed Yellow. Later he owns up to having gone to the Rowville Maccas! To make him feel better we all apologised to him for us getting the meet point wrong.

Nice Sunday morning cruise to the midway break at Drouin Maccas. Bit of distress from some at the wait for the facilities. Needless to say no coffees were consumed! On to Inverloch.

The chronology is a bit lost to me but we did have a few events of note along the way. An encounter with some wildlife. A stray dog and a horse with rider just around a blind corner which brought the pack back to about 10 k pretty quickly. The horse rider was rather un-impressed. Imagine coming across cars on a public road! Just shock value thankfully and all parties on their way. Then according to Jane’s notes "After the huge dairy tractor we finally passed the temporary citizen riding a camouflaged push bike wearing black clothing on a narrow, winding 100 kmh corner". I don’t recall either which probably should concern me.

Overall we had a great run –only one X-Trail encountered and an Outback more interested in the view than driving the ‘mini Great Ocean Road’ coming in to Inverloch. Priorities please!

The writer witnessed a certain RS with daylight between road and rear left at one point after which it took off to play with Tony’s 993 Turbo. Reliably informed there was a bit more airtime had by this pair.

That put me behind Peter’s 993 s and no complaint there. What an awesome profile that model has and it was a pleasure watching it through the corners. Got a little close at one point and got a spray of gravel from the massive Contis. Then there was a puff of white smoke out the back. Not good. Then more under acceleration. A lot more. Think blown engine more. On a long clear stretch of broken white lines I move beside him into the right lane. "It’s coming from the engine not the exhaust" I yell. Peter nods and continues on. At Inverloch 50 ks later he says it had happened before. Something about oil leaking from somewhere on to some hot bits. Sorry but you won’t get highly technical mechanical descriptions from me.

Coming in to Wonthaggi the sun was out so I’m thinking top down time. Kane in his Boxster had already been enjoying the open air for a while. Pull over and drop it losing four track, I mean road positions. Pull out behind Peter and Delwyn in the C2 Coupe. Love that Speed Yellow.

The Manna Gum restaurant at the Broadbeach Resort was the lunch venue. Travelling in disguise as the "Porche Club" (according to the menu) we enjoyed a hearty meal in very pleasant surroundings.

Lunch all done and it was back to the cars. We gravitate to the RS. Many grins of satisfaction as we listen to it growl to 5000 RPM and back. Very nice. Jon made the day for two youngsters wanting their photo taken with his 993.

Post lunch the local historical society hosted a visit to the Inverloch Rocket Shed, a historical piece of maritime safety infrastructure. An interesting side trip.

In all another very well organised and safely run day out with a great bunch in some of the finest machinery on the planet. Looking forward to the next.


993 Porsche Run to the Macedon Ranges

Sunday 26th April, 2015

Story by Sonia Tortelli                   Photos by Peter Cromie, Mark McNamara & Andrew Dove

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It was on a cold crisp Sunday morning in late April as we all gathered at Coles Express Bunker Hill in Donnybrook for the 993 run to the Macedon Ranges.  As the ice cold wind blew around us, we were warmly welcomed by Leon Christodulaki.  With the handing out of run notes, a short informative discussion on the instructions for the day and also a welcome to new members Peter, Toni and Dean, we were all eager to set off.

Off we zoomed through Wallan.  We were fortunate that on such a chilly and cloudy day with the threat of a downpour, the weather stayed dry with only a light sprinkle of rain from time to time.  It was then a good solid drive through Moranding.  We were heading towards Lancefield going onto Lancefield-Tooborac Road.

We then drove through Lancefield known for its vibrant arts scene and antiques.  Driving through this town we could admire the lovely old homes that have a classic air about them.  We had a rest break at Lancefield Park.  Everyone took great delight in admiring each other’s 993s; their ‘originality’ and sharing passionate stories about finding our beloved 993s whilst bracing against the icy wind.

We then resumed our drive on Lancefield-Baynton Road crossing over McMasters Lane/Slaughteryard Lane and then driving over the Calder Freeway.  A bit further in our travels, everyone took care on the Kyneton Springhill Road as it was quite a narrow stretch.  So all took care to not overtake.  We followed this road passing the Lauriston Reservoir on the right and the Upper Coliban Reservoir on the left.

The next part of our drive provided some good twists and turns and long stretches of road.  Everyone took delight in having their 993s take up the challenge with some good ‘spurts’! 

Lunch was at the scenic Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm in Shepherds Flats.  With its fresh air, tranquil and picturesque surroundings, everyone was looking forward to a relaxing lunch and a good ol’ chat.  And this unique restaurant did not disappoint!  The food was delicious!  Everyone was warmed up by the cozy fire, soothing wine and lovely company.  We even had the option of having a personal tour of the 1860’s farmhouse.  Thank you Leon for organizing this inspiring look at some wonderful regional Italian architecture.

A big thank you to Leon for organizing such a great day for all of us.  Everyone had a wonderful day driving through beautiful parts of Victoria in our beautiful well-loved cars amongst lovely Porsche Club friends!  Until next time…

993 Workshop Event Photo Gallery

993 YARRA GLEN RUN Sunday 30th March 2014

Story by Leon ChristodulakiPhotos by Peter Cromie

Image Gallery

So tell me, what distinguishes an exceptional run from a great run?

I know most of you would say something along the lines of the great company one has at PCV events or getting to catch up with other members, the exhilaration of driving your favourite car in all the world (that be the Porsche) on unencumbered roads or seeing new countryside or just the pleasure of having a great meal with friends.

Yes, yes, its all that.

But if you have a perfect day weather wise…well that caps it off…making it exceptional.

And so it was that 993 Register Captain Peter Cromie consulted his weather crystal ball (you know the one with fake snow flakes that you shake) back in early Dec 2013 and he picked Sunday 30th March 2014 for the first 993 run for the year – a most glorious sunny, blue sky, mid 20’s day.

This 993 run attracted 22 participants in all that wound their way to the tune of air cooled engines in 11 swish looking Porsche beauties starting at Rowville through Emerald, Gembrook, Launching Place to the first stop – Launch Fresh Fruit & Veg Market. Besides the great fresh veg, fruit, bread and local yogurt available for purchase at the market, there was a hot donut van conveniently located in the car park that also supplied coffee. This was a leisurely stop that allowed some purchases from the market, the consumption of hot jam donuts that were eagerly washed down by frothy, hot cappuccino’s.

With sticky fingers (from the jam donuts) and a full boot of veggies the group continued on their way along nice and winding roads through picturesque natural countryside past Healesville, Kinglake, Toolangi to Yarra Glen for lunch and the final stop at the 4 star Hargreaves Hill Brewery cellar door and restaurant. The two-course lunch on offer was delicious and the opportunity to try a range of boutique beers made it a more interesting experience that was enjoyed by all.

OK, there is a downside to a beautiful sunny day, the cyclists, motorcyclists and the odd Sunday driver who also were out-and-about – but the Porsche convoy, as you would expect from PCV members, were ever gracious allowing others to share our wonderful Victorian countryside on such a glorious day.



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